Mighty Oregon, and the end of major-league baseball season in Phoenix

26 09 2010

What a weekend. Two Dodgers-Diamondbacks games to cover plus an assist on the Oregon-Arizona State game Saturday night.

Here is today’s baseball game story, from the last game of the season for Arizona at home.

It was Fan Appreciation Weekend at Chase Field so they let season-ticket holders on the field after the game. Players even gave their game jerseys away to selected fans. Cool thing to see. Sad for me, I really enjoyed covering games for AP this season and I thank them for the opportunity to keep doing what I love.

Long football game last night, too long, but at least the Ducks got the job done. Saw a couple of friends I went to school with, ate some good tacos and spent time with my wife. All good. At the end of the game I was down on the field and saw two Ducks run over to celebrate with the Oregon fans who made the trip to Arizona.

Here’s the stories I contributed to Saturday. First is the game story, which probably no one saw since it was such a late game.

Second is the follow-up since Oregon is a ranked team.




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