The Vega$ post (No. 1)

15 09 2010

Vegas never gets old. Took me almost six hours to get here from Phoenix, but I’m safe and sound and livin’ high and mighty in a suite at Bally’s.

Only for a night though. Alma at the front desk hooked me up but I have to move to the North Tower tomorrow. At least it’s pretty new.

Check the view from the suite.

This is an annual thing for some former and current Seattle Times employees, but it’s the first time I’ve ever joined the group.

I drove from Phoenix on what seemed like endless back country road through valleys and rocks and mesas and desert. I drove over the Hoover Dam too. Video below.

I want to say that I’ve driven down the Strip before, but first time in my own car. Lots going on as always and there’s so many people out on the street walking.

Seems like there’s always an Oscar de la Hoya fight in Vegas around this time of year, but those days are over. It’s Hispanic Heritage Month and Mexican Independence Day, so Luis Miguel, Alejandro Fernandez and Grupo Niche are playing in town and I guess there were mariachis in the Bally’s lobby but I missed them.

More later…




2 responses

15 09 2010
The Wife

I miss you already!

16 09 2010

Have fun! Tell LuisMi that I miss him, about as much as the wife misses you! Happy travels. PS…All on red!

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