The Timbers and Alaska Airlines – gotta love it

2 09 2010

I enjoy Portland Timbers soccer, and I fly Alaska Airlines as often as possible. So when the club announced its MLS jersey sponsor today, I was quite pleased.

Good to see my friend Geoffrey Arnold covering the Timbers. Solid writer, great person and family man, and the guy likes Alexander O’Neal’s music. I’ll share a little of it right here. One of the greats out of Minneapolis, right there with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, The Time and of course, Prince.

I’m a proud Alaska Mileage Plan member, and while the company is Seattle-based, it has a big presence in the Rose City. I’m no shill for a company or product unless I really am satisfied by it (or despise it), but it’s good to see the Timbers partnering with a Northwest company. Much like the Sounders did, but in Portland’s case, it’s a smaller market so it was smart to go with a lower-profile company. Now if they could only stop charging for bags…first class on Alaska is very comfortable though.

Funny thing in Arnold’s story. The photo caption talks about a Shindaiwa buzzsaw that Timber Jim is holding. My mom used to work for Shindaiwa, which has a base of operations in the Portland area. Keeping things local is always a good thing.




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