Baseball, college football, soccer, fantasy football (and Miami Vice)

31 08 2010

These last few weeks have been really hectic. On Monday alone, I covered Arizona State football coach Dennis Erickson’s announcement of his starting quarterback to open the season, Steven Threet. The Devils on Saturday host Portland State, where I have taken a couple of graduate level classes. Great school right in downtown Portland, but a football team that probably won’t hang with the Pac-10.

I like college football. The NCAA should pay college athletes at least a little something for helping make money for the schools’ coffers. Seriously. Football in itself is dangerous, you practically take your life in your hands at game speed. It’s hazardous. And these kids are playing for a scholarship and the love of the game.

Then it was off to the Diamondbacks game to work for AP. I like the ones that end around 9:00 p.m. like that one did last night. So long to Manny Ramirez, he was good for the Dodgers for a bit, now he is another team’s drama. I guess you had to figure he was gone when the “Mannywood ” section was removed from Dodger Stadium.

In between, I did some work on a U.S. Open Cup soccer semifinals preview and will have a story out on Soccer by Ives perhaps later today (Tuesday). Love seeing a little EPL now that the season has started, but I’ll remain partial to MLS.

Recently I’ve discovered the “Centric” channel on digital cable, and they air Miami Vice re-runs. I used to love that show. So corny and contrived with the story lines and plots now that I watch as a somewhat mature adult, but Crockett and Tubbs made for some good TV. You know you’ve been around for a while when the guy who played Jason Melon in “Back To School” with Rodney Dangerfield is on a Vice episode.

And finally, my wife and I ventured into the world of fantasy football for the first time ever. Here’s our team, called “The 12th Man” in honor of my Seattle days. It’s been more difficult trying to mix in some NFL preseason, oh well, it doesn’t count, but it DOES matter.

Her handwriting is displayed. Because it’s a lot better than mine.




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31 08 2010

That is a pretty solid fantasy squad. I don’t care much for Moreno and Ochocinco is a little too much of a gamble for my taste but the rest of the squad is spot on. I feel Cooley is going to have a great year. He and McNabb appear to have a good thing going this preseason and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it continue in the regular season.

Fantasy football is crazy addicting. I feel that it draws me into games I would otherwise not have any interest in. After a season is done I can spit out stats like no ones business.

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