Why do I do this to myself?

20 08 2010

The 2010 Rose Bowl was re-aired last weekend on ESPN Classic, and I recorded it.

One of the most depressing moments I have ever felt as a sports fan was being in those decrepit stands watching the minutes tick down on Oregon’s 26-17 loss in the Granddaddy of ‘Em All. You sit back and you think about the economics of it all – the price of a game ticket, plane ticket and spending cash (I had a free place to stay) – and it’s even more sad.

I just can’t believe how poorly Jeremiah Masoli played for much of that game, in relationship to the kind of season he had that year. But looking at it again, I have to give the Ohio State defense credit. They had a good game plan. Masoli was so good during the Pac-10 season, but I guess he’d never seen a defense like the Buckeyes. And if LeGarrette Blount doesn’t fumble in the third quarter near the end zone, maybe I have a memory I will always treasure instead of want to forget.

OK that’s enough of that. It’s a new season and the Ducks are back and they look strong. But I can’t ever go back to the Rose Bowl to see them. Not yet. They’re 0-2 in the two Rose Bowls I’ve seen them. Still can’t believe Oregon lost. It was theirs for the taking.

They looked so good to start the second half. It looked like it was going to be our day. The last Buckeye touchdown happened right in front of the Duck mascot. 😦 Well, at least my school team looked good in the dark green jerseys, white helmets and white pants. Best uniforms in the country, check Sports Illustrated’s recent poll!

I think I recorded it because I was there, and the atmosphere was great.

Back to the present, here are a couple of things I wrote yesterday, one on the Sounders’ loss to CD Marathon and the other on the Diamondbacks’ loss to the Cincinnati Reds.




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