Looking back at Australia trip, Day Four

1 08 2010

On this day, we headed off into the countryside. The Blue Mountains northwest of Sydney. A nice drive and great scenery. We stopped in a little town called Windsor that had a shop with tons of pro rugby stuff, but I did not indulge.

There’s a national park that has great views of the mountains, which are smaller mountains than the ones I am used to seeing in the Northwest. Nevertheless, there was a place called the Three Sisters, a sacred place for Aborigines, that we hiked down to.

Of course it rained, really the only time during our seven days there when we got a lot of rain. The weather was great for the most part.

There was a really steep climb up some stairs from Three Sisters back up to the trailhead. I decided to go with some video.

I also bought a pair of soccer jerseys on this day. Australia’s World Cup 2010, and Sydney FC from the Hyundai A-League.




One response

1 08 2010

Sydney FC! Should’ve purchased a melbourne victory shirt. Thats my favorite a-league team. Australia looks like a very beautiful place to visit. I have always wanted to.

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