A look back: Day 3 in Australia

29 07 2010

First I want to thank those who protested and came together today in downtown Phoenix for standing strong for what they believe in, even if it meant being arrested. Slowly but surely, those public officials who condone injustice will be ushered out to make way for a much better state in which to live.

And now, Australia. As I drink from my Socceroos beer glass (water, of course).

On Day Three, the sightseeing began. My family and I were taken to a sprawling indoor flea market near Kellyville, and I mean this place had everything. Shop stalls of all kinds, foods, arts, crafts, tons of items and services (even massages) for sale at good prices, especially for how expensive it is in Australia.

I bought a Parramatta Eels T-shirt in honor of the city where we stayed. And some postcards. Didn’t go crazy on spending. My wife bought all kinds of things, from boomerangs to little pouches to bags for our nieces. She bought so much at one place, they gave her a canvas bag in which to carry it all.

It’s nice to be back in the U.S., good to see we have federal judges who can see through senseless laws and wonderful to write about and watch soccer again. Now back to the trip…

The plan was to go to a wildlife refuge of some kind, but we all were hungry so we went to a Kellyville standby, Chicken Run. There was one lone woman in the place taking orders AND cooking and it was super busy, but she handled the pressure well. And we were introduced to chicken salt, a flavoring you can add to french fries, or “chips” as they are called down under.




2 responses

30 07 2010
The Wife

Love chicken run and chicken salt!

30 07 2010

Why are all the chicas wearing purple that day??

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