A look back: Australia, Day 2

27 07 2010

On our first full day in Australia, I decided to go for a morning walk around Parramatta with a stop at the local McDonald’s for some hotcakes for my wife.

$6.75 Australian $ for hotcakes? What the….? Oh well, we were hungry.

Thankfully our location in Parramatta, a very cool small city/huge suburb of Sydney, had a lot going for it. There were shops and restaurants and a river and parks everywhere.

My walk took me past Parramatta Stadium, home of the Eels, a pro rugby team.

It was sunny day, loved the cool weather and getting some exercise.

Then it was off to the engagement ceremony for my sister Angelica.

My wife and I got dressed up. The ceremony was done according to Persian custom: Chairs for the happy couple and lots of items around them, each with their own meaning.

After the ceremony, it was time to head off to the dock to catch a boat for a cruise through Sydney Harbor. There were about 80 people on the boat and we had a DJ playing Persian music and my sister’s American and Latin songs, plus a full buffet and some amazing views of the city landmarks. It was cold outside, I felt like I was in Seattle again.




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