Today Arizona, tomorrow off to the Land Down Under!

13 07 2010

In pursuit of the almighty paper aka money, I took myself down to a job fair at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale today.

Thousands of people I would say. Long lines. But I did get recommended for hire as a member of the stadium team. So we’ll see.

There was a sign in one of the walkways that might look familiar to soccer fans and those who know about the U.S. bid to get the World Cup in 2018 or ’22.

Afterwards, I found an FC Dallas jersey for $10, an official one with patches and all, but elected not to purchase it as I my trip to greater Sydney, NSW, Australia starts tomorrow. We’re looking at at least 18 hours flying in total, from here to L.A. to Australia. But it will be worth it I’m sure once we get there. Seeing the world!




One response

21 07 2010
Leavenworth WA

Good luck Miguel. We miss you up here in Seattle. Have fun downunder!

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