A night at the Dodgers-Diamondbacks game in the front row

2 07 2010

Thanks Marc Tellez, wherever you are!

The wife and I took in a ballgame at sweltering Chase Field tonight, but not just another ordinary game. It was D-backs-Dodgers, the first game for new Arizona manager Kirk Gibson.

Gibson, for those that don’t know, is a hero to Dodger fans for his dramatic game-winning home run in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series. L.A. went on to win that World Series, the last time they won a championship. Oh what a night that was for me..I missed confirmation class (Catholic) and screamed throughout the house, as Vin Scully made the call for the ages. “A high drive to deep right field, she is……GONE!!!!!”

I still remember the brake lights as cars driving out of the lot at Chavez Ravine stopped and couldn’t believe what they were hearing, realizing they’d left early for one of the most memorable comebacks in team history.

But anyway, tonight was not so memorable. The Dodgers got hammered 12-5. I wrote about the Gibson debut for SB Nation Arizona’s blog “Desert Dirt.” And below are some photos and videos.

View from my awesome seat!

Ballpark food, and yes, I feel guilty.

LA first baseman James Loney tosses a cap after signing it.

Another Beaverton High grad, Dodgers broadcaster Steve "Psycho" Lyons.

That’s fellow Beaverton High grad Steve “Psycho” Lyons, now a Dodgers broadcaster. Now, the fun stuff: Video of giant-headed mascots!

And a soccer post on that amazing Uruguay-Ghana match to top it all off.




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