Just gotta keep writing…

1 07 2010

The pursuit of a more permanent gig continues, but I am thankful to have the chance to keep writing about sports.

Must admit I got a little homesick watching/listening to that Portland-Seattle game last night. I did get to write about it.

Courtesy of dougall5505, Examiner.com

I really can’t wait until Portland is in Major League Soccer. It was a great game, good to see the team I used to cover against the hometown boys.

I also offered my take on the resignation of Mexico coach Javier Aguirre. Give him credit, he did well as coach, but Mexico wasn’t likely to get past the quarterfinals of the World Cup anyway. It is what it is. U.S. is in the same boat. I had a great time following Mexico in the Cup for SB Nation Arizona.

Lastly, I didn’t write this but I wanted to share. It’s great when we unite as soccer fans and stop hating a team just for hate’s sake, even if it is a rival. My favorite team is Mexico, but the U.S. is an easy No. 2, nothing but love. This is from my friend Dave Clark’s site, a little untimely now but still good.




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