I got a vuvuzela!

28 06 2010

I went off to Denver for a convention last week, and today, a box arrived from Eurosport.

Inside was…a vuvuzela.

You know, that plastic horn thing everyone at the World Cup games in South Africa blows to make a deep buzzing noise when collectively put to use. My wife, realizing that I am so into the World Cup, wanted me to have a memory of my pseudo-South Africa experience, so she ordered me a vuvuzela. It’s black. I couldn’t resist, I had to test it out.

What a nice gesture, what a neat gift. Right up there with my Quatchi from the Vancouver Olympics. Can’t wait to break out my vuvuzela at the next soccer match I go to. Believe it or not, it came with stickers and a sticker album, but since I have no use for that, I decorated my vuvuzela with stickers of Mexico’s Rafa Marquez and USA’s Landon Donovan.

So Brazil looked really sharp today, so did the Netherlands. The cream is rising to the top in the World Cup. While I’d love to see Japan move on, it’s not bad to see South American teams doing so well even though Chile is now out thanks to Brazil.




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28 06 2010
The Wife

You’re welome.

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