One day in Denver at the 2010 NAHJ convention

25 06 2010

Latino (and a few non-Latino) journalists are gathered here in Denver this week for the National Association of Hispanic Journalists Convention. We’re getting some work done, networking, helping students, having some fun at night and watching the World Cup.

Speaking of, did you see this video? Warning: Could make you emotional…

Anyway, my friends Jorge Arangure and Paul Gutierrez were part of a sports journalists panel at a workshop called “Beyond Baseball and Soccer: Appealing to the Latino Sports Audience.” They did well. Good content, good topics raised and some personality thrown in there.

Paul and Jorge break it down...(far left and far right)

Picked up a cool CNN Latinos in America T-shirt. It’s always good to be around people who do what you do and share a common personal, professional and ethnic background, at least for me anyway. The students we are working with are great, so much energy.

And finally, my friend Erwin Diaz works for NAHJ but also plays for the Aegean Hawks. If you follow soccer hardcore, especially the U.S. Open Cup, you know of the Hawks of the DC area. Erwin plays for them and had to miss some games to work the convention. He’s a hard worker. He was stunned when I told him I’d heard of Aegean.




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