Next stop, “Colorado Rocky Mountains”

19 06 2010

Which is a more jazzy way of saying Denver. If Slow Pain and Nino Brown can use it, so will I! Used to love this album. Two Chicano rap artists very good at their craft.

I’m heading north tomorrow to work with aspiring journalists who are part of the student projects at the National Association of Hispanic Journalists convention in Denver all next week. It’s meaningful work. These young people have a lot of talent and are learning to tell their stories through several platforms, not just one, because the world of journalism has changed so much to become multimedia.

I’ve been a mentor/volunteer the past three years, this is the fourth. I’m proud to be helping out and offer whatever kind of experience or knowledge I can, only wish I did this when I was in college.

So the plan is to work with students and help them craft stories for production on the NAHJ web site. I was more of an editor than anything else in San Jose in 2007 and Chicago in 2008, last year in Puerto Rico I got to work with a student.




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