Talking World Cup and soccer in general

18 06 2010

My opinion? Yes, at least to some extent. Maybe limit to certain tournaments like the World Cup, but it needs to be there for officials to have as a tool to make the right calls. More thoughts on that here, plus a post on the U.S. -Slovenia match from today. Loved the second-half effort from the Americans but they need to get it going earlier in matches and try to take a lead and hold it!

So who saw the story about Spain keeper Iker Casillas’ significant other, Sara Carbonero, being blamed for distracting her main man in Spain’s loss to Switzerland in their first World Cup game? I’d say that would be somewhat distracting, since she was standing on the field near the goal.

And while listening to XM radio today, I heard about something billed as the Fenway Football Challenge. It will be Celtic FC of Scotland against Sporting Clube of Portugal on July 21 at historic Fenway Pahk, home of the Red Sahx (bad attempt at a Boston accent there) . The Portuguese team stepped in to replace the Rangers of Glasgow.

Couple of more things: Would France have done better in South Africa if it had some of the Algerian players who are French-born? 17 of 23 players for Algeria were born in France.

And good news for the U.S. – England and Algeria drew, so its three teams for two spots from Group C as Slovenia has 4 points and the Americans and English 2 each. U.S. should have a good chance to get three points on Algeria, but we’ll see.




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