I saw Marion Jones play hoops (and good game, USA)

12 06 2010

Let’s start with the Americans. I’m sure most people stateside will take the 1-1 draw, while the pundits and critics in England bemoan those two lost points they probably figure they should have had.

I’m thinking bigger picture here. The U.S. could use a good World Cup run, anything to boost our chances of getting the mundial over here in 2018 or 2022, as I write.

And speaking of soccer, today in my hometown they unveiled the MLS crest for the Portland Timbers. A definite nod to the past of Timbers soccer, so maybe it was best to play it safe and keep the tradition, not change things up so drastically. A good logo.

My buddy Ives Galarcep is in South Africa doing what he does best, and oh yeah, his blog got a good mention in the latest Sports Illustrated. Since I am a contributor, I feel like I’m a tiny part in the accolade but of course, those who read and enjoy Soccer by Ives know that the man is at the top of his game and deserves the best.

And last but not least, I got paid to cover the WNBA game between Phoenix and Tulsa tonight. Just finished my recap for AP, this one is the condensed version.

I saw two people in sports whose time in the spotlight has passed for one reason or another; nevertheless, Marion Jones and Nolan Richardson are doing what they love. Here’s the ex-sprinter:

And below that, here’s the former NCAA title-winning coach, now on the sidelines for the Tulsa Shock:




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