Maybe he doesn’t deserve a tribute, but Masoli sure was GOOD

9 06 2010

Damn I am sad that Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli got cited for marijuana possession and driving with a suspended license, which led to his ultimate dismissal from the Duck football team today.

As some may know, Masoli was already suspended for the 2010 season after pleading guilty to burglary charges stemming from a theft at a frat house on the Oregon campus earlier this year, that Masoli originally said he didn’t take part in.

He lied to his coach. He pleaded guilty, and was suspended by coach Chip Kelly for the 2010 season. It was like a second chance, though, as Masoli has one more year of eligibility and could have come back to the team the following season. But then he screwed up again. And Kelly had to throw him off the team.

Having said all that, I wrote sort of a tribute, but more of my feelings, on the end of the Masoli era. As a huge Oregon football fan — really, Duck football has helped forged a bond between my father and I — when the team loses a quality player, it is hard. And Masoli was a great story, a rarity as a Polynesian kid playing quarterback in Division I, a guy who came to Oregon as the fifth quarterback, and because of injuries found himself starting. And did he ever make the most of it.

Good luck to Masoli, and here’s hoping that the Ducks still soar this fall. Looking forward to a new era at quarterback.




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