The Whitecaps do it right

8 06 2010

Every time I read something about the Vancouver Whitecaps, I’m impressed. It seems the soon-to-be Major League Soccer franchise is making like a Tom Cruise movie with all the right moves.

Today’s is the latest. The team unveiled it’s MLS logo today, beating the other 2011 MLS entry, the Portland Timbers, to the punch.

The ‘Caps logo symbolizes the mountains above the city, with their reflection in the waters of the harbor and inlets around the city, and an homage to skiing at the famed resorts above the city with the triple black diamond, the North American sign for the most difficult ski runs there are.

Vancouver already has a strong ownership group with a celebrity of its own in the mix, NBA star Steve Nash, and is developing a European-style player development system. It is renovating the biggest stadium in the city for use for the Whitecaps, and it is already at 10,000 season-ticket deposits with a strong USSF-2 team.

Plus Vancouver is coming off an awesome Olympics, it is a great city of diversity and soccer will definitely work better there than baseball.

Speaking of baseball, I wrote about Stephen Strasburg’s debut earlier tonight. He was something. A lot of pressure on the kid to succeed, and in his first test he passed with flying colors.




One response

10 06 2010
Derek Young

I actually hate it. It’s a fine logo but an awful badge. Looks like Vancouver went all in on a fancy tourism program. Love the whole Whitecaps program so it’s hard to say that.

But, I wanted to leave a comment because you new site looks awesome. Well done me hombre (ok, I think that’s right but I suck at Spanish.)

Still love reading you stuff. Even the Oregon BS. 🙂

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