Some quick thoughts

5 06 2010

Sitting in the press box at Chase Field watching the Colorado Rockies take batting practice. I have a lot on my mind, so let’s go…

Major league baseball umpires are getting too much notoriety and exposure right now. Hey
“Cowboy” Joe West, stop making out calls from your first base umpire position. Let the third base ump, where the controversial play in last night’s Phillies-Nationals game took place, make up his own mind. In fact, Joe, just umpire and stop getting face time on MLB Network highlights.

Same for the ump who decided it was OK to come from behind the plate and get in the face of Royals’ catcher Jason Kendall, in this video. Stay where you are, dude. At least Jim Joyce owned up to his mistake in blowing a perfect game for Detroit’s Armando Galarraga with a bad call. Less umpires getting in the way of the game, more home runs is a good thing.

-Congrats to my Oregon Ducks on their first win in NCAA baseball tournament.
-Let’s see if the Arizona D-backs can win another one tonight.
-Is Ron Artest just slightly off mentally or is it just me?
-Hoping Didier Drogba is able to play in the World Cup.
-Buena suerte a Juan Samuel, new manager of the sorry Baltimore Orioles. I used to see Samuel in Portland when he was in AAA ball (Phillies minor leagues). Man he was good.
-For my friend and Seattle Times sports columnis Steve Kelley, I’ll go with the Flyers to win the Stanley Cup though I will only watch a Game 6 or 7.
-Saw two of my nieces play little league this week…the little ones are such a joy to watch.




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