This NBA finals does nothing for me

3 06 2010

I don’t care for the Lakers.

I don’t care about the Celtics.

So I will write about soccer and baseball. See this story I wrote for Soccer by Ives on the Sounders. By the way did you see where Ives is going to South Africa? And how the covers of ESPN and Sports Illustrated magazines this week?


Un aplauso para Armando Galarraga of the Detroit Tigers for being classy despite being screwed out of a perfect game by a missed call, and a nod of respect to the offending umpire Jim Joyce for admitting he blew the call on what should have been the final out and then crying at home plate when Galarraga brought out today’s lineup card. He knew he’d done a disservice to Galarraga but was clearly moved by the pitcher’s grace and class




2 responses

3 06 2010
The Wife

Too bad I want to watch it… hee hee.

4 06 2010

I’ve tried to watch the NBA a handful of times in the past year. What happens is within a few minutes I get that abandoned feeling and it turns to bitterness and then anger. Then I get an image of a withered old man shrouded in black saying to me that my hate has made me powerful. When that happens I change the channel and all the bad feelings go away.

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