Mexico is so ready

3 06 2010

Most who know me and have followed my work know I am big supporter of El Tri, and today’s result, a 2-1 win over Italy in Brussels, certainly has me excited.

Before I continue, let me say that I have been critical of Mexico’s play when it is deserved. I still think their back line will hold the key to their World Cup fortunes. The goalkeeping is solid and they can score and keep possession, but if there is a breakdown in back, they will have to have enough offense to overcome that.

Today, there wasn’t much to criticize. Lots of chances for El Tri, two cashed in and they were simply the better team. Those friendlies against teams like England and Holland clearly taught them a lesson, and the Mexican forwards ran circles around Italy’s defenders.

This was HISTORIC, even if critics will say it was just a friendly. And it served notice that Mexico will have to be respected in South Africa. The young strikers are threats to score and are fit and fast. And it really looks like the players actually get along as a team.

I read a lot of reports and watched the match and quite frankly (Stephen A. Smith) it means something when a CONCACAF team, No. 2 CONCACAF team at that, outplays the defending World Cup champs even if Italy hasn’t played but one friendly leading up to the Cup in 2010. There is no downplaying this win for Mexico. It used the Gambia match to build some confidence and then sent out its best lineup against Italy and could have won by more.

I picked France to win Group A in South Africa though my heart is with Mexico, and now I really think Mexico has a great chance to win the group if it plays like it did today. They aren’t going to push teams around, they’ll run around them and create havoc. Vela, Dos Santos and Chicharito are good and they are STILL young so the future up front looks good. The tune-up games they had have rounded El Tri into form, and now it’s just a matter of continuing to build on that against the hosts on the 11th.

As for U.S. fans who decide they must root for everyone against Mexico, the biggest rival in the region — let it go and stop the disdain for Mexican Americans born here who cheer harder for El Tri. It’s a free country que no? I root for USMNT unless it plays Mexico and believe me, it would give me great pleasure to see the Yanks do it Revolutionary War-style and beat England.

I urge you who prefer USA to root for Mexico in its games, and support CONCACAF in the World Cup. More legitimacy and respect is a good thing.
Just my thoughts…




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4 06 2010

Your Blanco article has been #2 in most read since yesterday…even higher than the Griffeyfest articles!

I don’t like Osvaldo Sanchez who tried to take out a US player after he scored a goal and I don’t like Rafa either because he turns thuggish ruggish when losing is inevitable and seeks out to pound US flesh. I don’t see myself liking those two anytime soon, but I can be turned around. I hated Paco Palencia because he hit a US goalie hard with an elbow or something, but after he left MLS, he said good comments about the league. Blanco was really good back then and I liked him because he was the only player I saw who shook hands after the 2002 WC match against the US.

I don’t blame Mexican Americans for liking the Mexican NT. I think you said you started following them in the 80s and I am uncertain how much US NT was shown in that decade. You’re older than I am and I have no memory of WC94. None. But I know GP20/Mac10/SKemp40/DerrickMckey/Tez/chriswarren/kgjr/jay/edgar/randy and the US is your defined second team so that is okay. It is a free country, but I would be a disappointed if a Mexican American who was born in Mexico and has lived here for 20ish years still favors Mexico 90% to 10% over the US. US soccer has made great strides over the last 20 years, so hopefully the US will be the option for your kids.

I don’t know if I want to claim conference pride but what I dislike most is that until a year and a half ago or so, whenever the Mexican team lost to the US, they’d leave the field like the flukiest event ever had just happened for the very first times and blame the loss on bad luck, bad juju, or bad alignment of Pluto and the planets. But go Mexico because I would rather the US face them in advanced rounds than the top 8 or so teams out there.

25 06 2010

Serious sport has nothing to do with fair play. It is bound up with hatred, jealousy, boastfulness, disregard of all rules and sadistic pleasure in witnessing violence. In other words, it is war minus the shooting.

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