Bye, Junior

2 06 2010

The Seattle Mariners just announced Ken Griffey Jr.’s retirement. I’m glad he saw that he wasn’t adding much to a struggling club save for his clubhouse presence, and walked away gracefully.

Junior in the batting cage at spring training this past February in Peoria.

I’m of the belief that most will forget about Junior’s stats these past two seasons since he’s come back to his original club. Many people who saw Griff come up in Seattle (I saw him do his thing in 1999 and then when he came back last year) will always remember him for helping save baseball in Seattle and his mid-90s heroics in the Kingdome.

Griffey is a character. A funny guy (he made a few cracks about my choice of apparel at this past spring training) and a guy who can hold court with the best of them.

It was pretty cool when he got carried off the field after last season’s last game. And I know he is very proud of his kids, who are on their way to being pretty good athletes themselves, so I wish he and his family well.




2 responses

4 06 2010

Were you wearing the shirt that said bimbo on it?

4 06 2010

HAHA yes…it’s a Chivas de Guadalajara (MEX) jersey and Bimbo is a big bakery, like Hostess or Wonder. Thanks for your comments. Can’t belleve my story was No. 2…a glitch no doubt!

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