Rallying for/against Arizona

29 05 2010

The Romeros of Phoenix are in a tough spot…we are completely against the immigration legislation in Arizona, yet we can’t support all these boycotts because they affect the real working people of the state.

Those folks are both U.S. citizens and undocumented residents. Nevertheless, we’re all human beings and deserve a shot at a good life no matter where that is, this side or that side of the border.

So today we went to a rally and march at the Oregon state capitol in Salem. The rally was in support of all of those thousands who rallied in Phoenix today against SB 1070, but also to denounce the Arizona government’s policies. We – my parents, wife and I – decided we had to stand up and be heard even if my wife and I, as Arizona residents, could not join our friends in Phoenix.

I’d say around 700 people were there. We were proud to have been there in solidarity with the masses in Arizona.

The anti-SB1070 rally in Salem, OR, capitol building




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