Back to the Northwest – for a visit

27 05 2010

A friend tells me that one day I’ll wake up and realize that Phoenix is home.
That day hasn’t come yet, as I get ready to go back to Portland for the long weekend.

Obviously looking forward to it. I got tickets to the Portland Timbers-Boca Juniors game Saturday night, going with my wife and parents.

Planning on playing some golf with my dad, taking my wife to see “Sex and the City II,” (because every husband has a duty) and visiting with my family whom I haven’t seen in weeks.

We were watching the Sounders-Boca game last night, and I had to smile. The Sounders got their first international friendly win and did it in blowout fashion, 3-0. Here’s a scene a lot of fans there know well.

Looks like the screen shot from FSC caught a guy picking his teeth! Anyway, another goal for the amazing Roger Levesque, and I was really impressed with the play and energy of Fredy Montero and guys who don’t play much, like David Estrada and the unsigned Mike Seamon. Taylor Graham and that reserve defense were solid, too. I know that the Boca team wasn’t its top players, but Seattle didn’t play their best guys, either, and a win is a win over a historically good South American club.

I sort of felt bad for Boca. Man, they used to be dominant.

Watching the backup Sounders got me to thinking, why doesn’t coach Sigi Schmid change things up and give some of these guys an opportunity? I think if the Sounders keep losing it will happen, but things aren’t going well now and I wonder if some of these youngsters like Estrada and Miguel Montano and seldom-used vets like Levesque and Pat Noonan can infuse some scoring punch. And maybe Graham finally deserves his chance to try and shore things up in the back.

Just my thoughts. One other thing: Classy move from a guy who hears it from the fans sometimes for his supposed lack of effort, but Montero wearing Jhon Kennedy Hurtado’s number was a great gesture. Character counts.

courtesy of Sounders FC




3 responses

27 05 2010
Derek Young

It was a great match to watch. I think they needed it. Feels like a lot of our finishing problems are psychological. You can almost feel the pressure on them to score which is why I think it gets worse at home. Maybe this busts the doors open. And yes, classy tribute by Freddy.

Welcome home brother. We’ll always have open arms, even if you’re on the South Side of the Columbia. πŸ™‚

Maybe there will be movement to bring an MLS side to Phoenix/Tempe one of these days.

27 05 2010

There is a reason why NW, particularly Sounders, fans are the best, and you prove it Mr. Young. First this area has to repeal the immigration law, then we can start taking steps to MLS around here hopefully! Til then, I’ll keep checking up on the Arizona Sahuaros!

27 05 2010

Enjoy the game in Portland Jose.

It’ll be nice to b watching football again after all that Amero-cricket they pay you to sleep through πŸ˜‰

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