Last day in Italy

24 05 2010

Thanks to all who have looked through all of my posts about my honeymoon in Italy. I know it was a lot, but it really was a once-in-a-lifetime trip. And on May 5, it came to end.

We left Venice and stopped in Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet. We saw the Juliet statue and the balcony where she supposedly stood when Romeo said these words:

Then it was off to Baveno, a town on Lake Maggiore not too far from Milan and right at the foot of the Alps. We were pretty close to the Switzerland border. Baveno was like a summer resort town, and the hotel where we stayed was the most fancy and swanky of the tour.

We had CNN Europe on our hotel TV and caught this screen flash. I was not unhappy, Jose Mourinho from Inter Milan was. He is now though, after winning a treble.

We went to dinner that night, the farewell to Italy dinner. But they didn’t serve us tiramisu for dessert. I don’t like it, but my wife does, and when on your honeymoon, a word of advice: Give the woman what she wants. So we found a little spot where they had tiramisu and got her a piece of the cake.

I took this picture the morning we left the country, one last memory of an amazing country.

Arrivederci Italia!




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24 05 2010
The Wife

Where’s the picture of Juliet?!

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