El Tri vencido por Inglaterra 3-1

24 05 2010

In other words, Mexico got it handed to them by the Brits.

Mexico controlled the run of play early on and had plenty of good early chances, but all it took was the first set piece for the more physical English to get them on the board.

This game was hard to watch and frustrating as a Mexican fan. It showed how far El Tri has come, yet still has to go before the major European teams can take them more seriously.

Hold up…wow what a goal by Maxi Rodriguez on the assist from Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez. Tevez with the burst of speed and the beautiful pass for the assist. Argentina-Canada was on when I was writing this. ESPN Deportes rules! I see Argentina cruised past Canada 5-0, no surprise.

It’s cool to see a very happy Diego Maradona on the sideline. The grey in his beard gives him a more aged look but you can still see that 1986 version of him in his eyes.

OK back to Mexico-England. El Tri has to figure out a way to not get out-physicaled by European teams of top quality that are going to try to exert their will on the pitch. Clearly the big strikers are going to give their smaller defenders problems (e.g., Peter Crouch and Ledley King, who scored England’s goals). Mexico was the more attacking team in the first half and probably could have had at least another goal before halftime, but got shut down in the second, and England could have won by more.

Giovani Dos Santos had a good game for Mexico and it did try to set the physical tone early when Efrain Juarez took out Steven Gerrard with a hard head butt as both were going to an aerial ball. It’s all fair in the game, a legal and not vicious hit, but England was just too much. England did get caught out of position in the middle for Mexico’s goal, good pass into the box from Rafa Marquez.

Mexico was not playing with whom I think will be there top keeper, but doubtful that would have made much difference. Mexico’s goal was its first away goal against England ever.

As a fan of Mexico, I’m concerned that it will get dominated by the power teams from Europe in the World Cup, like France. And the U.S. should view the video of this game over and over because the Americans have England in its World Cup group. I think the U.S. has bigger players but guys like Oguchi Onyewu have to be ready to go up against England’s size. The Brits are dangerous on set pieces and crosses, and they weren’t even playing with any of the Chelsea guys.




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