Lima Time forever!

23 05 2010

Rest in peace, Jose Lima, the late major-league pitcher who was found dead today in L.A. Damn he was fun to watch.

I remember when Lima pitched for Detroit against the Mariners and I was covering the game in Seattle. He got hit pretty hard and I think it was the second inning when he was lifted. So what did Lima, ever the showman, do? Walked off the field, stopped before the dugout and twirled while doing a merengue step. Classic. He always had fun even if he was losing.

I spoke to a Toronto Blue Jays’ player, Edwin Encarnacion, after today’s Diamondbacks-Blue Jays game, and Encarnacion said this (translated Spanish to English):

“It was a sad day for me when I woke up and received the news by phone. I played with him in Santo Domingo (in winter ball) and he was a tremendous person. Knowing that, I couldn’t believe it. I still don’t believe it. Nobody wants to when this happens. But that’s part of life. God has taken him to heaven and he was a good man, great guy.”

“I shared a lot with him. He was always such a happy person. He never was down about a bad game. He was happy and kept his team happy, and away from the stadium it was the same.”

So here’s a tribute to the man called “Lima Time.” And read my game recap here si quieren.




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