Buon giorno!

22 05 2010

Yeah I picked up a little Italian when I was there. And speaking of Italy, the UEFA Champions League match is soon to begin.

I don’t know much at all about Bayern Munich, but I can tell you that I was at a Ross store in West Phoenix one day about a year ago and found a BM jersey on a rack. Also a Paris St. Germain. I did not buy them.

I do know much more about Inter Milan and watched them play on TV in Italy twice. It’s a fun team to watch and I’ve become a fan of Mario Balotelli.

He has a 'fro Hawk hairdo now (SkySports image)

Then there’s Milito and Materazzi and Eto’o and Julio Cesar. People in Italy really like that team, and the sense I got was that even if they support another Serie A club, Italians want to see an Italian team win the Champions League. When I was in Sorrento and IM defeated FC Barcelona, the fans at a bar near our hotel were going crazy shooting guns in the air. And that was in Sorrento, which is in southern Italy far from from Milan.

Oh one more thing…here’s my recap for AP on last night’s Diamondbacks-Blue Jays game. Enjoy Championship Saturday.




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22 05 2010
The Wife

Go Inter!

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