Rainy day in Venice (Italy)

21 05 2010

On May 4 we spent our only full day in “The Queen of the Adriatic.”
It poured rain all day and our gondola ride was canceled. But we saw a glass-blowing demonstration from Murano Glass, bought a few souvenirs there and took a boat ride to Burano, a more quaint island where we had a big lunch/dinner.

The famous Bridge of Sighs was being renovated. Here is what we saw of it.

More Venice…

It’s Europe, baby. Couldn’t let the rain dampen our spirit of adventure to see a wondrous new place we might never see again.

Not singin' but steppin' in the rain.

Venice has a soccer stadium we could see from the water, not very big, and the club is sponsored by a casino. Cool green and orange colors, too, on the jersey.

Anyway, Burano was picturesque even in the rain.




One response

21 05 2010

Superb! That’s the spirit 😀

I got caught out in a monsoon in Tokyo once. It was brilliant!

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