Leaning on the Tower of Pisa

19 05 2010

I sit here on the couch at home, and the Lakers won, the Dodgers are getting crushed and it’s generally a bad night of sports for me all around. So in the effort to think positively, I recalled my day at the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Yup, that tower. The real thing.

On May 3, we were out of Florence and on to Venice by way of Pisa. Pisa had a McDonald’s and a lot of tourists. It was all about the Tower.

Everyone was taking pictures, pretending to push the tower up. I decided to lean.

The next stop was just outside of Venice, where our bus got one ferry and we got on another. The boat ride through the waters near Venice was amazing. Such a unique city. Only about 80,000 people live there because it’s so expensive and such a small area on dry land.

We stayed on an island called Lido, about 20 minutes boat ride from Venice. I had to see the Adriatic Sea in person so we walked to a deserted beach.

great photo by the wife, who wanted out of there!

And finally, the evening ended with a lovely night tour of Venice. We walked to St. Marks Square, where two orchestras were playing some upbeat classical music. It was cold, but memorable.




2 responses

19 05 2010
The Wife

I’m an awesome photographer! Love you!

19 05 2010
The Wife

-ps: That cheeseburger at McDonald’s was yummy. Too bad the pigeon was at the table trying to ruin everything! I don’t like flying rats!

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