A few quick takes on today in sports

18 05 2010

1. Florida Marlins shortstop Hanley Ramirez fails to run hard after the ball he kicked last night and is benched by his manager, Fredi Gonzalez, today.
Marlins didn’t need their star, Ramirez, today, lucky for them. But Ramirez was in the wrong for pointing out that his skipper never played in the big leagues, and kudos to Gonzalez for taking the high road. Ramirez comes off like a pouting prima donna and deserved to be scolded and benched. You’re a damn good player, Hanley, now please respect the game.

AP photo

2. Portsmouth’s Kevin Prince-Boateng apologizes for his hard tackle on Chelsea’s Michael Ballack, from which the ensuing ankle injury knocked the German star out of the World Cup.
Tough, tough break for Ballack, the tackle was hard and high and looked overly aggressive to me, not so unintentional. But what’s done is done. Sorry, Germany, that should pretty much end their hopes of winning the World Cup.

from The Guardian

3. Dodgers star Andre Ethier is placed on the 15-day disabled list with a broken pinky.
Good move. Ethier has to just hang in there and heal and be back ASAP. When you are hitting the way he was before getting hurt, you need everything in working order and there’s nothing that says Ethier, who has a sweet swing, won’t hit well when he returns. No need to play hurt, and the Dodgers are winning without him.

AP photo

4. Boston Celtics beat the Orlando Magic in Game Two of NBA Eastern Conference finals.
Two home losses for the Magic, they’re done.

5. Arizona Cardinals DL Darnell Dockett apologizes for showering on the Web.
I saw this dude give a waiter an apple to give to a female sitting at a nearby table late one night at the News Cafe in Miami Beach. I asked “Why?” then, and I ask it again now.

6. Seahawks signed QB J.P. Losman to a one-year deal.
YES! Another Mexican American in the NFL. Viva la raza! (That’s for those opponents of ethnic studies in Arizona who tell me I can’t say that anymore, too).




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