Zip it, “Zen Master”

17 05 2010

So Phil Jackson, regardless of where he stands on Arizona’s immigration law, decided to pop off about the Phoenix Suns’ decision to wear “Los Suns” jerseys recently in protest of the law.

Does the L.A. Lakers coach love to court controversy or is he truly so clueless? Perhaps he should recant what he said about the law so as not to offend the myriad of Latino Lakers fans?

Oh yeah, Laker fans who oppose this law are mad, and they should be. So now they’re going to rally tonight before the game in Los Angeles in hopes that the Lakers organization shows where they stand on the law. Sure, Jackson is entitled to his opinion and he was asked it, but maybe he should choose his words more carefully, or not say anything at all. And maybe he should concentrate on beating the Suns in the playoffs as opposed to questioning why they made a political statement.

Another thing, Phil. The city where your team plays is firmly AGAINST the law and its city council is boycotting Arizona. Way to put foot in mouth.

C’mon, Lakers. Keep your coach in line, and get in line with your city when it come to this issue. And I stand with the fans who are going to protest tonight. They just want to root for their team – imagine their disappointment.

To quote Dave Zirin, a guy who knows a thing or two about politics and sports: “Vivan Los Suns.”




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