More from Italy (Assisi, Orvieto, San Gimignano and Florence)

17 05 2010

We visited these places on April 30 and May 1.

The first stop after we left Sorrento was Orvieto, home of this majestic cathedral.

From there it was on to Assisi, and the views of the hilltop old city were something to see.

Our hotel was a few steps from the Cathedral of St. Francis, yes, that St. Francis of Assisi.

The hotel was kind of dumpy with no air conditioning, but the terrace where we ate dinner had sweeping views of the area.

From Assisi, it was off to Florence, but first, a stop in the “Manhattan of Tuscany,” San Gimignano. It is called that because of all the medieval towers in the old town.

I had to have a slice on my way out of town. San G. was a really nice little town, great to walk around in.

The first night in Florence (Firenze) began with a stop at an overlook with majestic views of the city. I’m into viewpoints.

Up next: Florence, and “calcio” in the pouring rain.




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