If you love old-school hip hop and R&B…

16 05 2010

…you would have loved the low rider car show and concert I went to last night at Fort McDowell Casino outside of Phoenix.

It’s strange to me to think that Digital Underground and Warren G are now “old-school,” but I guess time marches on. The music is still great though. After looking at the smooth rides parked near the casino, we walked over to the stage and Tone Loc kicked off the show.

Then came Evelyn “Champagne” King. Do you recognize these hits? This stuff came out when I was really little, so definitely old-school.

Up next was Shock G from Digital Underground, who came out dressed like his alter ego, Humpty Hump. I know you all know “The Humpty Dance,” he did that and a couple of other good Underground jams.

Then it was Rose Royce with “Car Wash.”

And finally, Warren G of “Regulate” fame. We didn’t stay for all of his act but he was solid.




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19 05 2010
ZNR Music Report

Nice blog! Keep up the good job!

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