And it only gets worse in Arizona

14 05 2010

I’m trying REALLY hard to embrace my new life here and let me first say that there are wonderful, caring, progressive people that I have met and become family with in Phoenix.

I’m in no way attacking the state and it’s people, but this governor and now, the state school superintendent, have gone overboard. Its as if HB 1070 was just the beginning: Now the administration here seeks to ban the teaching of ethnic studies in state schools.

This part really enraged me:

The bill was written to target the Chicano, or Mexican American, studies program in the Tucson school system, said state Supt. of Public Instruction Tom Horne.

Chicano studies is near and dear to my heart. My godmother headed the program at Portland State University in Oregon. I got a college minor in ethnic studies and in no way were my professors, nor my parents before them, teaching me to hate white people and “overthrow” the government. Overthrow? What country does Brewer think this is? Does learning about your people’s history in America really make you into a coup leader? Doesn’t it just make you and others you share this history with more well-rounded and educated people? Here’s a plan, Jan: Focus on giving more kids a better education, not outlawing culturally diverse curricula.

Ban ethnic studies. So ban what makes us the nation we are? Alienate a huge chunk of your state’s population, Mexican Americans/Chicanos, yet again? So what’s next, it will be a crime to call myself “Chicano” in Arizona?

I know people will fight this as will I. I just hope that a lot of people do, and that somehow, some way, the people will vote this governor out of office and bring Arizona back into the 21st century.

I didn’t start this blog to be so political. I based it on my love of sports more than anything else. But there’s no way I can keep silent when such divisive and ignorant legislation is introduced in the state where I live. Thanks for understanding.




4 responses

14 05 2010

Talent is nice, courage is irreplaceable.
Lucky for you, Jose, you got both in spades.

14 05 2010
Steve Lopez

Well said…the whole tone of what is going on over there screams racism…why aren’t people in the north up in arms about all the illegal Canadians crossing the border and stealing American jobs, Celine Dion…what those racially close minded people should remember is we didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us!

15 05 2010

Well said my friend. Who are we if we must suppress where we’re from? Lived in AZ for 3 months, and I thought the speed cameras on the freeways were bad. Geesh!

15 05 2010
Christopher Michael

I was originally going to write a comment agreeing with you and bringing up some points but then I saw that The Washington Post did it for me.

I have been living in Arizona for almost a decade after growing up in Seattle. The long time residents of this state are afraid of change and it shows. It is sad to watch a group of people work so hard to destroy the labor that drives its economy.

It is also frustrating when a co-worker who is a legal citizen is constantly harassed by police and not make a big deal about it just because he expects it.

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