The Italian adventure, Day 5

13 05 2010

On April 29, my wife and I were in Sorrento, Positano and the Isle of Capri in Italy. The weather was picture perfect, as you will see, and the scenery was unlike anything I’d ever seen. This might have been the best day of them all on the tour.

The day began with a jetfoil cruise to Capri, where a hoarde of teenagers with bad senses of fashion and a proclivity for smoking were all about. We got on a boat for a cruise around the island quickly, and here’s what we saw.

Look at that water!

Then it was time for a walking tour of Capri. Small town but lots of little streets and great views. We rode a funicular up to where the town is.


From Capri it was back to the mainland to catch a minibus for a drive along the Amalfi coast of the Mediterranean to a little town called Positano. You would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful little hamlet anywhere else.

Wish you were here!

We walked down to the beach and there, I stuck my feet in the cool waters of the Mediterranean. So now I have touched waters of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Adriatic Seas.

Then it was back to Sorrento on a windy and wild drive that I would never do myself. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Sorrento has a soccer team.

The long day ended with dinner with a local family. I couldn’t eat much of it but there was plenty of food and Stephanie enjoyed the lasagna. We watched a colorful sunset.




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