Now I’m REALLY upset with Gov. Brewer

13 05 2010

Went to the Ticketmaster Web site and found this:

Club America vs. Pachuca
Glendale, AZ

Canceled. Thanks, Jan. Thanks for signing that short-sighted SB 1070 into law. Now Mexican soccer clubs don’t want to come to Arizona to play friendlies in front of thousands of fans in a top-notch facility. The Phoenix Business Journal has the story.

This is Club America, the New York Yankees of Mexican soccer, that you have alienated, and they did what they had every right to do: Boycott this state in light of a law that directly affects their fans. Never mind that the Phoenix area misses out on a great chance to show that it can support an MLS team.

The game was to be in July. A preseason tuneup for both teams in front of sympathetic and passionate fans in the Phoenix area. Cities, organizations, conventions, heck, all kinds of entities are boycotting Arizona. Now so is the most recognizable Mexican soccer club.

Yo Jan, the bill was horribly unjust from the start, and now you are reaping what you sow. And this is only the beginning. I’m sure the city of Glendale would like to thank you for killing an opportunity for an economic boost to area businesses, too, and Glendale could use the money now that it plans to bail out the Phoenix Coyotes.

Frustrating, and sad.




2 responses

15 05 2010
Jeff from Ohio

Really?! Maybe people should take time and read the Bill. 73%(!) of Arizonans APPROVE of it! Next story…

15 05 2010
Arizona Native

Hey Jeff from Ohio: Seriously, get a clue. I’m from Arizona and I didn’t approve this at all. Gov. Brewer claims she’s doing this to protect our border… that’s great, however, crime stats show that crime along the border is down significantly from years past. She’s only doing this because the election’s coming up and she’s afraid of what’s going to happen: her ass is going to lose. As for the 73 percent approval BS, who the hell are they calling? Republicans. Now our state is experiencing a boycott – a boycott that punishes RESIDENTS who had no say or VOTE on this bill. Now, on to soccer… I’m sad this game was canceled!

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