Sweeping the Diamondbacks

12 05 2010

My beloved L.A. Dodgers needed to get back on the winning track, and crossed paths with the downtrodden Arizona Diamondbacks this week at a good time. The Dodgers swept the three-game series, and I was there to see tonight’s 6-3 win.

I had a feeling that the D-backs would pay for intentionally walking Andre Ethier to load the bases and face Manny Ramirez, and indeed that’s what happened. Manny ripped a double deep to center field and that was the difference in the game.

Good crowd of 22,714 on hand and a lot of Dodger fans and a lot of D-backs fans hating on them. We had good seats and enough to eat and got out of there right after the final out with no traffic problems.

Here’s the key at-bat of the game, Manny’s double in the 7th that broke open a close game.
It came with 2 out on an 0-2 pitch. Look at D-Baxter, the Arizona mascot, trying to cause trouble before the fateful hit.

BTW I will be making an appearance on a Seattle soccer Web site, Prost Amerika, soon, previewing a World Cup group. Happy to reconnect with Seattle fans again.




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