Italy, Day 4

12 05 2010

On April 28 we left Rome for the long drive to the southern coast of Italy, by way of the Montecassino Abbey perched high on a bluff. It was a windy drive to the abbey up the mountainside.

That was our first stop.

Then it was off to the ancient volcanic ruins of Pompei (how it’s spelled in Italy), a once-thriving port city and favorite port-of-call for many a mariner (not Seattle) in search of, shall we say, companionship and/or a good time. Our guide explained to us that if a sailor walked into a brothel and couldn’t express what “service” he sought due to language barrier, all he had to do was point to an artist’s rendering on the wall depicting various acts of copulation. When Mt. Vesuvius erupted, people only had a few minutes at most to run from the ash, and some resigned themselves to death from above.

My sister Shelli, who LOVES lemons, would have died for a bag of these whoppers.

Then it was a drive along the Bay of Naples to Sorrento, where we spent the night. Just amazing scenery and Sorrento was probably my favorite stop on the tour.
That night, Inter Milan defeated FC Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League semifinals, and you could hear people celebrating in the alleys.





One response

12 05 2010

Pompei might have been my favorite thing in italy. I love it, can’t wait to go back. Make sure you go to Florence. Beautiful city

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