A Mexican Mothers Day on the march

10 05 2010

Today is Mexico’s Dia de las Madres, and a march from a church to the Arizona state capitol campus was organized in protest of SB 1070, the controversial bill signed into law last month.

Having not had the chance to march with the thousands last weekend as I was in Italy, I took the opportunity to do so today. There were a few hundred of us, chanting and holding signs as we walked down Van Buren to the capitol. A lot of car honks of support, plenty of onlookers and lots of media around. I felt like I had to be there, as I was raised in a very politically-conscious and activist family.

Here we are on the march.

I had to represent my family and my wife, who could not join me as she had to work. I was very proud to be there, to express my feelings on this situation that is really giving Arizona a very bad name and bad publicity because of how discriminatory it is. I’ve only lived here three months, but I’m not one to sit on the sidelines when injustice is around me. So I did what little part I could for the time being.

The faux head of a Latino's Public Enemy No. 1: Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

A 1070 pinata, ready to be hit. Cops wouldn't allow it to be strung up on the trees in the mall for some reason.




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10 05 2010
Carmen Ribodal

A proud mother-in-law!

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