Un aplauso para “Los Suns”

8 05 2010

Those of you who know me and my writing know I am a diehard Portland Trailblazers fan. And you might know that the Phoenix Suns knocked my team out of the NBA playoffs, to my disgust.

This week however, and for the rest of these NBA playoffs, I am a Suns supporter. Not for any basketball reason, but because they took a stand. The correct stand, in my opinion.

The Suns, in tribute to Phoenix’s large Latino community, wore orange “Los Suns” jerseys in Game 2 of their series with San Antonio. The same jerseys they wore in the regular season in tribute to Latino NBA fans. This time was no marketing gimmick, even though it was Cinco de Mayo.

Owner Robert Sarver came out against the passage of House Bill 1070, the joke of a law that this state’s governor signed into law last month that in essence allows state law enforcement officials to stop and question someone’s citizenship status, thus enhancing the bigoted process of racial profiling and making it a crime, in essence, to be an immigrant.

So Sarver had his team wear the “Los Suns” jerseys as a way to show support for Latinos in Arizona, many – at least in my neighborhood of town – that avidly support the team. I was in Italy one night last week when my wife and I turned on CNN Europe, and saw a piece on what the Suns were doing. Coach Alvin Gentry didn’t touch on the controversy, but players Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire did and Nash was particularly outspoken.

It’s rare when a player individually makes a political statement about the world in which we live, but even more rare when PLAYERS do so, and for that matter an owner. So I wore this yesterday in honor of the Suns.

At any rate, this whole controversy put Phoenix in the national/international spotlight. While I was in Italy (the past two weeks), Shakira and Al Sharpton were here and various other celebs and public figures have spoken out against this law that is to take effect in August. I was glad to see two of my favorites, Eva Longoria Parker and George Lopez, weigh in.




One response

8 05 2010
Dave Clark

The Suns make me proud as they are an organization willing to risk alienating one group of fans for the adoration of another. But they are taking this risk to support what they.feel is right.
Politics and sports often interact and I would they do.so to make positive impressions on the world.

Sorry for the poor copy posted by mobile

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