Politics, and the governor of Arizona, are a JOKE

23 04 2010


Politics bores me to tears for the most part, and when it doesn’t, it just frustrates me. Like today when Arizona governor Jan Brewer signed this absolute farce of an immigration crackdown bill that will basically allow racial profiling in this state where I now live. Even if she promised that wouldn’t be tolerated.

There’s no way she can prevent it, training or not. And what about all the innocent people, American citizens or not, who just want to live without fear of a police state?

Why can’t we all just live in peace and raise our families and get by day to day just trying to be happy and be protected and feel safe, not threatened or terrified, in our communities?

Even worse, this governor doesn’t even know how to properly express herself and couldn’t even answer pointed questions about the bill from reporters without saying the same thing over and over again and stammering. She must have realized she had no idea what to say. No idea how to explain her actions and take a strong, confident stand.

I knew the politics were backward in Arizona, and now I have witnessed it firsthand. So this is Gov. Brewer’s idea of immigration reform? More like a slap in the face to a large Latino population who stand to be affected by this bill every day. Three of my grandparents were born in this country, and yet there’s still a chance I can be asked to prove my citizenship status if I get pulled over?

What a shame. All any of us want is to just live free, no matter what race or color. And that just became harder to do in the land of the free in the state of Arizona.




One response

24 04 2010

Thanks for your thoughts Jose. Can’t say I disagree with your take. I’m usually a ‘state rights’ proponent, but this is one of those issues that a strong U.S. constitution will fix. No way this will stand up against federal courts. U.S. Supreme Court may decide this.

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