Those MLS officials again

22 04 2010

Let me just comment on some things from today within my sphere.

1. Seattle Sounders, unbelievable. 2-2 draw. The officials are to blame for taking away what was sure to be three points and a road win. Hard to ask Terry Boss to guess right on the PK and Seattle was deflated anyway. TERRIBLE call there as on TV, it looked like the FCD player just fell between the Seattle defenders in the box.

Three road points are hard to come by and Seattle got two robbed from them. Watching on TV you really see what happened and the referee got it wrong. At any rate, great goals from Steve Zakuani and Fredy Montero. This is a deeper team this season, I believe, with the addition of Pat Noonan and David Estrada and good move by Sigi Schmid to save Ljungberg, who was fouled hard twice in the final 10 minutes without a call, for Sunday.

2. Just not feeling the NFL draft but good move by new Seahawks OT Russell Okung to drop Walter Jones’ name in a good way.

3. Here in Phoenix, the Arizona Cardinals unveiled a new third jersey today. I like it, even prefer it to their other two, but it does look like the Atlanta Falcons’ black jersey.

(from Cardinals web site)

Look at the Falcons’ in comparison.

Speaking of black and red, time to watch the Blazers!




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