This new life is off to a great start

20 04 2010

Took a hiatus from this space for a momentous occasion – my wedding. The reason I left Seattle. And what a day it was.

Everyone, meet Stephanie, my wife.

We’re still recovering. Big ceremony, big reception, big party and the honeymoon begins next weekend when we go to Italy. A wonderful and memorable day and it still feels great.

I saw that the Sounders won Saturday thanks to Mike Fucito. Somewhere around the time I was being hidden from the bride, he was scoring the game-winner. Mike, I know, worked very hard to make the roster and it paid off.

Sunday was great when the Blazers somehow managed to not blow it in the final minute and hang on to beat the Suns in Game 1 of the first-round of the playoffs. Watched it in a house full of Suns fans.

And earlier tonight, I took my dad and father-in-law to the Arizona Diamondbacks-St. Louis Cardinals game, won 4-2 by the Cardinals. Arizona’s bullpen is a major concern, that’s all I can say.

Pitcher Rodrigo Lopez warms up in the bullpen. We were first row right above the pen.

And now, I’m doing my prep work for when I go to Italy (no prob with the volcanic ash, so far) and watching Lazio-Roma.




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