The birthday post – Happy Laotian New Year!

13 04 2010

Places where I have spent my birthday, which lands every year on this day:
-Oregon (various places)
-Yakima WA
-at work
-at home
-The Olive Garden, and various other chain restaurants.

Today has been a good one. The weather is great here in AZ, Mexican food at Poncho’s on Central later and a couple of gifts. Would be even better if the Dodgers win on Opening Day in L.A. (they’re up 9-5 in the 7th) and if Brandon Roy’s torn meniscus somehow heals enough to allow him to play in the playoffs. I’m pretty proud of the Blazers for the way they have played despite a ton of injuries this season. But this looks bad for Rip City at least for now. Trying not to accept another first-round exit.

Let me share with you a little Mexican birthday tradition – perhaps some of you are familiar with the song, and the guy who sings it (no one does it like Vicente!)




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