Bouna boot(y)s it

10 04 2010

After an hour in the sun pulling weeds (the life of a homeowner), I sat down, turned on the Chivas USA-New York Red Bulls second half on Telefutura (its on digital cable in Phoenix, sorry Sea-town!) and watched NYRB goalkeeper Bouna Coundoul botch a save that resulted in a Chivas own goal.

Then I wondered, where was THIS Bouna against Seattle last week? One of those would have certainly helped the Sounders after all the chances they got.

Coundoul lost his footing, but the shot by Jesus “El Gringo” Padilla (same nickname as USMNT’s Jose Francisco “El Gringo” Torres, another American-born player with at least one Mexican parent) bounced off the post and all Coundoul had to do was grab it. Instead he lost control of his grip on the ball and it squirted into the net. Own goal.

Soccer is a crazy game. This NY team was 2-0 with a lot of confidence playing against 0-2 Chivas, a presumed bottom feeder, and Chivas wins on that error and a goal in the last minute of play, 2-0. And just so you know, I went to a Rapids game in 2008 when Coundoul and Preston Burpo were sharing GK duties. Here’s the song Coundoul had played for him when he came out for pregame warmups. I kid you not.

On to the next Major League Soccer game and flipping the channel to Fox Soccer, where its DC United at Philadelphia Union. But I’ll be keeping an eye on the two Mexican Primera Division games, too!




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