Still in the game

5 04 2010

Well, sort of.

This is my attempt to resurface and reappear in the land of blogging. I figured that I had a pretty decent run at it when I had the Seattle Times Sounders FC beat, so I decided to establish a place to post my work and share my thoughts on the things that matter to me.

For those of you who recall my time in Seattle, I have relocated to Arizona. The reason I left is because I am getting married this month. Personal outweighed professional here. The departure from a great gig with great soccer and sports fans in the Northwest was and has been difficult, pero sigo adelante.

I arrived in Phoenix in February and immediately began freelance work for the Associated Press covering the Seattle Mariners.

Ten days later I switched over to coverage of the Chicago White Sox, the team I followed for the AP until April 1.

So here it is, Opening Day of the major league baseball season, and Opening Day of my very own blog. Much more to come….




5 responses

6 04 2010
Craig G.

Hey Jose, I enjoy your writing and share your passion for football and baseball! Keep up the great work .

6 04 2010
Gail Neubert

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. Hope things are going well for you.

6 04 2010
Lorenzo Zazueta

Good to see you’re enjoying it here in AZ..Ill be sure to follow your blog as the season progresses.

6 04 2010

Hi Jose, congrats on your new blog and on your upcoming nuptials. I know what you’re going through. Personal trumped professional big time when I decided to stay in Central Washington instead of heading back to Seattle. All the very best of luck and if you got a min, check out my own blog,
Your pal,
Sebastian Moraga.

6 04 2010

You are good at what you do.. Keep the blog going. Hello from the gang!

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